Uncover Hidden Savings: Empower Your Business with Energy Monitoring

Gain real-time insights, optimize efficiency, and reduce energy costs.


In today’s competitive landscape, controlling operational costs is critical for business success. Energy consumption represents a significant expense for many facilities. Pima Controls’ Energy Monitoring Systems (EMS) empower you to gain real-time visibility into your energy usage, identify inefficiencies, and implement targeted strategies for significant cost savings.

What is Energy Monitoring?

An EMS is a comprehensive management tool that continuously tracks, analyzes, and reports on your facility’s energy consumption. It goes beyond simply collecting meter readings; it provides actionable insights to optimize your energy use and reduce waste.

Benefits of Energy Monitoring

Outline the key advantages businesses gain from implementing an EMS:

Identify & Explain Energy Fluctuations

Set Measurable Targets

Uncover Energy Consumption Trends

Diagnose Energy Waste Areas

Optimize Energy Budgeting

Proactive Energy Management

Challenges Addressed

Energy management problems which Pima Controls’ EMS helps overcome:

Inefficient Meter Data Management

Streamline data collection and storage for effortless access and analysis.

Real-Time Data Accessibility

Gain instant insights into your energy consumption for informed decision-making.

Complex & Costly Systems

Pima Controls offers user-friendly, cost-effective EMS solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our energy experts today to discover how we can help you unlock significant cost savings and achieve your sustainability goals.

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs

Uncover hidden potential for energy savings with our comprehensive assessment.


Rising energy costs pose a significant challenge for manufacturing facilities. Pima Controls’ Energy Assessment provides the crucial first step towards achieving optimal energy efficiency and substantial cost reductions.

What is an Energy Assessment?

Our comprehensive assessment involves a thorough evaluation of your entire facility’s energy usage. Our experienced engineers will analyze all aspects of your energy consumption, including electricity, gas, water, air, and steam. This in-depth analysis helps identify opportunities for optimization and paves the way for a customized energy-saving plan.

Benefits of an Energy Assessment

ddress the growing need for energy management and the value of Pima Controls’ assessment:

Cost Reduction Strategies

Focus on Asset & Energy Optimization

Sustainable Energy Management

Our Solution Process

Data Collection & Analysis

We begin by meticulously collecting and analyzing data from your electrical and mechanical systems, along with utility bills.

Identifying Process Inefficiencies

Our expertise lies in pinpointing areas within your processes that have the most significant potential for energy savings.

Prioritizing Opportunities

We categorize and prioritize identified opportunities based on their impact and ease of implementation.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We propose a practical plan with cost effective solutions