Industry Revolution

First Mechanical Loom

Mechanization – Introduction of steam and waterpower

Industry 1.0

Mass Production

Mass production and assembly lines using electric power

Industry 2.0

Automated Production

First Programable logic controller

Industry 3.0

Smart Factory

Industrial IoT, Digitization, Safety

Industry 4.0


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Real-time data monitoring

Energy Monitoring Solution

Warehouse management

IIoT Implementation at PAPER INDUSTRY

Solution to enable Realtime visibility for efficiency improvement in production unit.

IIoT Implementation at Paper Industry - Problem Statement

Production loss - Unplanned downtime, Speed loss, Wastage, Non-operational time
Production wastage – During the setup and operation time
Report management
Operator inefficiency
Speed loss due to frequent machine malfunction

IIoT Implementation at Paper Industry - Solution

Implemented IIoT Solution by Getting real-time from Machine PLC.
Derived real-time overall efficiency to derive actionable. 
Pareto wise unplanned downtime analysis with culprit sub-machines.
Production wastage report - During the setup and operation time.
Report management by different conditional formats for RCA.
Speed loss analysis based on culprit machine due to frequent machine malfunction.

IIoT Implementation at Paper Industry - Architecture

IIoT Implementation at Paper Industry - Outcome

Solution Implementation –
Installbase and POC

IIoT Remote Monitoring Project

Solution to monitor and controlling SCADA from single central room.

Case Study :
IIoT - Remote Monitoring Project