Solar Pumps

Solar Pumps

No need to be dependent on state electricity board to provide you power to get water for irrigation. Pima Energy Solar (PES) Solution will make you independent and put you in control of getting water for irrigation during the day. This technology is not dependent on state electricity or diesel, thus people at remote locations can also avail the benefit of solar energy and enhance their cropping area with regular water supply. No need to wait for erratic and late night power for your livelihood.

Take control of your productivity!!

PES can be attached to your existing pumping system to draw water from the open-well, bore-well, pond or canal. With the option of having grid connectivity the PES solution can help your pump run by solar power during the day and with state electricity at night.

PES is the best alternatives for areas where there is no electricity or scarcity of power supply!!

  • Erratic grid supply
  • Some electricity at night
  • Operating pumps at night when electricity is provided
  • Lower yield for cropping area due to lack of water
  • Very expensive to run diesel pumps
  • Regular supervision and maintenance of diesel pumps
PES Benefits :
  • Better yield from the farmland
  • Water when you want it the most
  • More income for the farmer
  • No operations or maintenance cost
  • Save the pump from burning out
  • Automatic start and stop based on timer
  • Apply on your existing pump
  • Self-diagnosis and protection

PES Features :
  • Off grid power - Where electricity is very erratic and unpredictable farmers need not depend on grid electricity for their agricultural requirements. 300 days of sun shine can now put a smile on their face

  • Pump specific protection - Inbuilt flow measurement and flow detection function. PES turns off in case of dry run

  • Remote monitoring - With the addition of optional modules you can monitor solar pump parameters using your cellphone

  • Tough construction - Absolute protection (IP66) against dust as well as against strong jet of water from all directions making it ideal solution for a farming environment

  • MPPT - Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) ensures that most power output possible from your solar panel is achieved to maximize pump delivery throughout the day

  • Dual supply mode – solar and grid

PES provides a new kind of experience to farmers in growing their crops!!