Enclosure systems

TS 8 Baying Systems, Carbon Steel

TS 8 Baying Systems, Carbon Steel TS 8 baying system - a system platform for just about any application. When used in conjunction with the system accessories each enclosure is a specialist for the most exceptional tasks.

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SE 8 System Enclosures

SE 8 System Enclosures Full integration in the TS 8 product family. Stable enclosure body with two integrated mounting levels, screw-fastened rear panel and sheet steel door. Interior fittings fully compatible with TS 8.

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Compact enclosures AE

Compact enclosures AE Housing with door of sheet steel, spray-finished with mounting plate and flange (gland) plate in the base. Protection category up to IP 66.

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PC Enclosure Systems - Climate Control - Cooling Solutions


Secure accommodation of all PC components, from monitors, to PCs, to keyboards. For ultimate ease of operation in a contemporary design. Complete protection from humidity and dirt, temperature fluctuations and unauthorized access.

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Wall-mounted cooling units

For external or internal mounting in doors or walls via standard mounting cut-outs. Nano-coated condenser.

Thermoelectric cooler Total cooling output/heating output 100 W

The powerful thermoelectric unit in a lightweight design is the ideal climate control solution for command panels and small enclosures.

Roof-mounted cooling units

Door or side panels as well as escape routes are kept clear. Electrical condensate evaporation and nano-coated condenser. Optional roof plates with mounting cut-outs.

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Busbar systems

Flat copper bar systems
PLS Busbar systems
Busbar systems Mini-PLS

Up to 250 A, 40 mm bar centre distance, 3-pole, space-saving plug and lock connection from the front, support suitable for top mounting, all-round contact hazard protection. View More